Financial consulting


Financial consulting includes the following services:

Business model development

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Registration of investment funds (CIF)

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Tax planning

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Business structuring

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Business model development

Business model development – is an understanding of the fundamental components of business:

  • product;
  • consumer;
  • supplier;
  • contractor;
  • cargo carrier;
  • team;
  • competences;
  • competitors;
  • market (niche);
  • and other.

These elements make it possible for the entrepreneur to understand the value of his product to the consumer; in which market, you work; who is your consumers; what are the “bottlenecks” your business; who are competitors; how to build logistics in the company; and many other issues.
Understanding all the components of the business model, the entrepreneur can create a strategy to promote their product on the market, taking into account all these components of the business model. This will help avoid mistakes, save resources such as time, money and human capital.

Registration of investment funds (CIF)

Registration of investment funds is a service for entrepreneurs who want to become investors and optimize taxes.

How does it work?

We create for you a corporate investment fund (CIF), which gives the right to carry out investment activities. You will be able to buy corporate rights, securities, real estate, property rights, precious metals and other assets. You can sell them at any price, and the profits from these transactions are tax-exempt and can be reinvested in other assets.


Based on paragraph 141.6.1. Tax Code of Ukraine – CIF is exempt from income tax, namely: funds contributed by the founders of the corporate fund, funds and other assets raised from members of the joint investment institution, income from operations with the assets of the joint investment institution, income accrued on CIF assets, and other income from the activities of the corporate investment fund (interest on loans, lease payments, royalties, etc.).

CIF is a reliable tool for asset protection.

Financial advisors of the business center “Your address” will provide comprehensive advice on registration of a corporate investment fund.

Tax planning

Tax planning is a set of actions aimed at the company’s management to reduce the tax base and, if necessary, postpone the date of occurrence of tax liabilities to other tax periods.

Tax planning is based on the use of opportunities provided by tax legislation, the use of benefits, discounts and other preferences.

We know how to perform legal optimization:

  • cash flows;
  • corporate income tax;
  • personal income tax.

After studying the structure of your business and your wishes, we will offer a system solution that will include the following issues:

  • construction of a legal structure for the formalization of business processes;
  • construction of a financial model that will take into account the specifics of the client’s business;
  • coordination of legal construction, financial model with business model.

Tax planning from the specialists of the business center “Your address” will help to get additional income from your business.

Business structuring

Business structuring is the process of building an optimal legal structure, with a vertical or horizontal management system.

If you are a shareholder or founder of 3 or more legal entities, structuring your business will help you improve business processes, optimize staff, protect assets and increase profitability.

The first step in structuring your business is to conduct a legal audit of your companies, this will allow you to understand how everything works now, to identify “bottlenecks”.

The second step is to develop recommendations for correcting “bottlenecks”, creating a new legal structure for the management of existing companies.

The third step involves the implementation of the project.

Business structuring is a process of modernization that must take place on an ongoing basis in the 21st century. Lawyers and financial advisers of the business center “Your Address” will provide comprehensive advice on business structuring.



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